Greece Residency by investing in Real Estate


The key benefits are:

  • Greece is a very good country to live. It is in Schengen zone.
  • English is widely spoken.
  • It is quite cheap to live.
  • The amount you will invest in real estate is yours. If at any stage you change your mind, you can sell the property & walked out of this program. Usually property prices increase with the time so you will be beneficial anyway.
  • This is the only program that allows your spouse, your all children less than 21 years, your parents & parents of spouse as well. No other program in the world offers this.
  • You can buy more than one property. You can rent out some property if you like to earn some money.
  • You can invest in commercial property as well.
  • Good opportunities to do business.
  • Labour is skilled & quite cheap.
  • Good health system.
  • Visa free travel to all Schengen zone.
  • Permanent residence soon after the purchase of the property.
  • Eligible to apply for passport after seven years.*
  • Do not need to stay in Greece to maintain the residence permit.


Procedure in brief:

Once you decide to proceed for Greece investment residency program. We will sign an agreement with you.

Then you have to send us the following documents:

  • Proof of funds & proof that you can move these funds to Greece.
  • Copy of your passport.
  • Police clearance certificate from your own country of residence.
  • Initial consultation fee.

When we will receive all these then our lawyers will issue an invitation letter to you for a visit visa to Greece. You may bring your spouse as well.

Our representative will receive you at the airport & will take a very good care of you during your stay in Athens till you get the permanent residence permit.

He will bring you to your apartment.

Our representative will take you to the lawyer & complete all the legal documents.

Then he will show you different properties according to your requirements.

In 250,000 Euros you can buy more than one property. You can also buy commercial property.

Once property is purchased our lawyer team will proceed to apply the Permanent Residency.

All this process will take 2-3 weeks ( provided if there is no bank holidays & selection of property is done quickly.


Our legal & consultation fee include following services.

  • Pic up from airport.
  • Two bed room apartment for 2-3 weeks. (Food & other personal expenses are not included).
  • Visit the property sites.
  • All legal documentation & process till you get the Permanent residence permit.
  • All these services are for Athens. Fee can be vary, if you would like to buy property outside the Athens.


Note: Our initial legal fee & consultation fee will be non-refundable once you will visit & stay with us in Greece at any length of time. In case you change your mind.