Study in Europe

Study in Bulgaria

Universities in Bulgaria offer affordable tuition fees. Pay a fraction of the price you pay for more expensive higher education institutions, with the same well-developed education system and world-class facilities for research. And once you graduate, you are sure to have a degree that is recognized by employers worldwide. Living in Bulgaria is far cheaper than other European countries in the same region.

The low tuition fees of the medical and engineering universities in Bulgaria attract many international students who wish to study Medicine or Engineering.

Study in Cyprus

Studying in Cyprus you will receive a high quality international education at an affordable cost. You will make friends from all over the world at whichever of the Cyprian universities you choose to attend. As Cyprus is located at the crossroad of Africa, Asia and Europe it has experienced many different cultures through time.

Study in Italy

Italy offers a wide range of courses where students have the option of pursuing degree programs or certificate programs at academic institutions across the country. Italy has top rated programs, professors and facilities that enables students to find professional success. Due to these and more reasons students are opting to study in Italy.

Study in Netherlands

Netherlands is one of the safest countries in the world, and belongs to the top 10 happiest countries in the world.

Netherlands’ many international students come from more than 160 different countries. Dutch society is diverse and inclusive.

 Dutch universities offer the largest number of English-taught programs in continental Europe. More than 2,100 programs are taught entirely in English.

Also, 95% of the Dutch speak English, so it’s easy to communicate in daily life.

The quality of Dutch institutions is well-recognized. The tuition fees and cost of living are considerably lower than in English-speaking countries.

  • Lots of English-taught programs
  • Well-taught and quality programs for cheap
  • Unique ways of teaching and learning
  • An open-minded country that welcomes international students
  • The world leader in technical courses
  • Cheap student housing

Study in Sweden

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular reasons for people to study in Sweden.

  • No legal limit to the amount of hours international students can work during their studies.
  • After completing your studies, you can apply to extend your residence permit to look for work for up to six months (Post Study Work).
  • Spouse and dependent children are allowed
  • Sweden ranks among the world’s most innovative nations
  • Wide range of courses available.

Study in Ukraine

Ukraine is your best option if you are looking for your next steps in education for a university in English in Europe.

  • Quality Education.
  • Globally Recognized Courses (WHO, UNESCO, EUROPEAN COUNCIL).
  • Cost effective.
  • European Life Standard.
  • Worldwide Acceptance of Ukrainian Method of Teaching.
  • English Medium of Instruction.
  • Outstanding International Faculty.
  • One of the Best Transportation systems in Europe.