Australian Immigration


Are you a skilled person and wanting to live and work in Australia? This pathway allows you and your family members to come in Australia and ultimately apply for citizenship. Due to its rapid economic growth and low population density, Australia is the perfect migration destination for professionals who really care for their career and family.


Australian Skilled Migration for Professionals 

·         Accountants (General)                                      

·         Baker                                                       

·         Actuaries                                                       

·         Agricultural Consultants                                  

·         Agricultural Scientists

·         Air-conditioning and Refrigeration Mechanic                                                    

·         Architects                                               

·         Associate Engineers                                   

·         Automotive Electrician

·         Construction Project Manager/ Builder

·         Chef

·         Cook

·         Civil Engineering Technician

·         Diesel Motor Mechanic


·         Electrician

·         Electronic Equipment Trades Worker

·         Engineers

·         Fitter-Welder

·         Internal Auditors

·         I.T Professionals

·         Motor Mechanic (General)

·         Medical Administrator

·         Primary Health Organization Manager

·         Hotel or Motel Manager

·         Health Information Manager

·         Other Spatial Scientists

·         Small Engine Mechanic

·         Welfare Center Manager etc.



Australian Business Immigration

Australia offers peerless business prospects for businessmen who aspire to immigrate to Australia permanently and settle in the country. A businessman may scrutinize Australia market potential for business purposes, for example, to attend a conference or training session, to conduct business with an Australia-based organization.

There are various visa categories under business immigration to Australia. These visas, known as Business Skills visas, are for people who already have a profitable business.

  • Capital Investment only A$ 500,000
  • Buy or establish a new business
  • Bring family members along with
  • Free medical*
  • Free education*
  • IELTS not mandatory
  • No Interview